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  • The Political Polarization of Abortion
    August 7, 2020 It wasn’t that long ago when Republicans and Democrats generally agreed on when a woman could obtain an abortion. Like most issues in the U.S., politics made us reconsider the issue in a partisan way. In the 1972 presidential election, Richard Nixon saw a potential way to attract Catholic votes. At that […]
  • Partisanship and Voting Choice: The Myth of the Reasoning Voter
    August 5, 2020 If there was one book I would recommend for a serious student of political behavior, it would be the The American Voter. ( A., Converse, P. E., Miller, W. E., & Stokes, D. E. (1960). Published in 1960, it laid the foundation for all studies on political behavior since. The cornerstone of […]
  • Have the Democrats and Republicans lost their Convention Bump?
    August 1, 2020 When I was growing up, the Party Conventions decided the nominee through a series of votes by delegates who were wheeling and dealing for influence. It was a pageant that would put any of today’s reality shows to shame. I remember watching it with my father on a black and white TV, […]
    July 29, 2020 George W. Bush’s first term started with an approval rating of 60% and after the terrorist attacks on 9-11, it reached as high as 92%. But from that time on, his approval rating slowly deteriorated until it reached a low in May of 2004 at 46%, just five months before his reelection […]
  • Another Metric that can Predict the Presidential Election Winner?
    July 26, 2020 When I was doing research on how bookies make odds on elections, I found an article that noted how some bookies use favorability ratings of presidential candidates to calculate their odds. I personally have used these ratings in local and state surveys and found them to be quite useful at that level. […]

“I’ve known Jim Kane for over 30 years and his political insight has always been straight on. I’ve seen him twist more information out of statistical data that is not only unique, but practical as well, and he is always ahead of the curve in political analysis.”

Jim Scott, first Republican to serve as President of the Florida Senate

“Nobody does it better or has a more critical understanding of politics than Jim Kane. His empirical analysis of politics always challenges the accepted political theories & opinions… Jim Kane is the Doctor of Politics.

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