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  • The Changing American Voter
    July 1, 2020 “It’s one of those laws of the universe, isn’t it? Nothing stays the same. Things change.” – Author: Sam Gayton Sometimes you become immune to demographic changes. They sneak up on you until one day you wake up and find that the world you thought you knew has moved on and left you with new […]
  • The Polarization of the American Electorate: Part 3
    Race and Guns June 28, 2020 Our continuing series on the differences between Trump and Biden supporters touches on the how the two groups differ fundamentally on race relations and guns, both issues that consume the nation today. On the issue of whether blacks are have gotten less than they deserve, most Trump devotees strongly […]
  • The Polarization of the American Electorate. Special Series on Trump and Biden Positions on Key Issues
    The Immigration Issue June 24, 2020 I’m sure that you are familiar how America has become polarized over the last decade. This relatively new phenomenon is mainly based along partisan lines. For example, when pollsters show how the public views the economy, Democrats and Republicans have significantly different evaluations when faced with the same data. […]
    June 18, 2020 In my search for new data sources, I discovered a series of polls that included what pollsters call “favorability ratings” prior to and after the 2016 Presidential Election. As a pollster, I have used the favorable ratings in almost every political survey. It is a non-presidential candidate version of the job approval […]
  • The Florida Governor Says Don’t Worry: It’s The Hospitalizations That Matter
    June 16, 2020 You may have read or heard that new Covid-19 cases are spiking. We used to think that a couple hundred of new cases were high, now thousands are the new normal. The Governor blames these new cases on increased testings. Obviously, more testing does reveal more Covid cases, but no one knows […]

“I’ve known Jim Kane for over 30 years and his political insight has always been straight on. I’ve seen him twist more information out of statistical data that is not only unique, but practical as well, and he is always ahead of the curve in political analysis.”

Jim Scott, first Republican to serve as President of the Florida Senate

“Nobody does it better or has a more critical understanding of politics than Jim Kane. His empirical analysis of politics always challenges the accepted political theories & opinions… Jim Kane is the Doctor of Politics.

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